Best ideas for a rainy day in Barcelona

by - Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Barcelona enjoys a wonderful climate and does not tend to have a lot of rainy days throughout the year. The rainy season, if you can call several rainy days like this, falls on spring, March and April, and autumn, October and November. The good thing is that Barcelona is not only a sea resort that would be extremely boring on a rainy day, but it is also a city with a rich culture and an events agenda that will never let you get home-bound.

Barcelona on a rainy day

Number 1. Museums
Probably it will not be the best day for open-air museum and sightseeing points, but quite a good moment to discover the museums you might have left for the end lured by other activities in Barcelona. Do not miss Picasso Museum, Joan Miro Foundation and Catalonia National Museum of Art.

Catalonia National Museum of Art

Number 2. Fine dining
No, you will not really enjoy the terrace of a restaurant, but can easily spend as much time inside as you have always wanted but could not permit yourself. Go for some must tries, including such traditional catalan dishes and treats as escudella, esqueixada, coques, panellets, bunyols, caragols a la llauna, escalivada, mandoguilles, mongetes...

Crema catalana, a traditional dessert

Number 3. Exhibitions
Take a look at Fira Montjuic, La Caixa Forum and museums for temporary expositions.

Museu Picasso, Barcelona

Number 4. Dance, opera, music, ballet
For the classical presentations lovers, there is always Gran Teatre de Liceu. The building itself deserves a visit, but for sure you will also enjoy an outstanding show. Among the other must sees, there is Palau de la Musica Catalana and L´Auditori. Classical music is also available in churches and basilicas.

Gran Teatre de Liceu, Barcelona

Number 5. Pick up another destination
 If you have already done all the listed and are still caught in by the rain, probably, the best idea is to go for a short trip to Costa Brava or even south of France, as it might be not raining there.

Carcasonne Castle, France

And if you do not feel like leaving your home on a rainy day, better it to be a good one. Check our luxury holiday rentals in Barcelona to be sure you do not lose.

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