The Best Tapas to Try in Barcelona. Summer edition.

by - Monday, May 08, 2017

You have planned your travel to a dot. You know all the museums, parks, galleries, monuments and markets you shall visit. You have your luxury apartment in Barcelona secured and even your to-take list is prepared. You have read about the best restaurants and cafes in the area and have all the lunches and dinners planned and re-planned. However, what you need to jot down, are some must-tries that you cannot let yourself miss in Barcelona.
When it is hot outside and you walk all day through, you never feel like heavy food or crockpots. You are looking for something fresh, easy, not-too-big and tasty. Tapas suit it best. We will not be talking about cold cuts, just mind that they are must-tries too. Absolutely unavoidable.

Gambas al ajillo
Shrimps with a garlic touch. 

Pulpo a la gallega
Olive-oil drizzled octopus with potatoes.

Croquetas/buñuelos de bacalao
Cod croquettes.

Chipirones a la andaluza
Fried baby squid 

Smoky grilled vegetables

Can be perfectly married with anchovies.

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