New Exclusive House in Tuscany, Italy

by - Thursday, February 12, 2015

You might wish to come for a holiday in a luxury villa in Tuscany for different reasons. You might be searching for a quiet vacation house surrounded by divine landscapes and nature, the mountains and the sea, you might be searching for calmness. You might be looking for simple, but astonishing cuisine with its refined olive oils and truffles, and fantastic wines. You might be a history-and-art amateur trying to see all the greatest masterpieces in the world, interested in the Etruscans and Romans that were living in Tuscany in their times, interested in paintings and sculptures, in Botticelli´s Birth of Venus, that you can see in the Uffizzi palace in Florence. 
Whatever your reason for a travel is, Tuscany is definetely the right place for you.

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