How to choose a holiday destination

by - Monday, January 16, 2017

Sometimes we are dreaming of a nice holiday somewhere under the shining sun or, the other way round, skiing in the mountains. There are so many fascinating places that it is never easy to pick up one for a trip and sometimes the whole life is not long enough for all the dream destinations to be put in. However, if you keep in mind some important things, you will never have a feeling of having chosen the wrong place or time for your holiday.

Thailand Waterfall
Mountain skiing in Canada

1. The weather matters 
Thailand might be a wonderful country in January, but quite disappointing in October. Why? Because it s the moment of the heavy rains there. Check the Holiday Weather - we provide weather reports for all the major holiday destinations before planning your trip and pay attention to what the temperature feels like in reality as you might be surprised in some humid countries that it seems much hotter or colder than shows the thermometer.

2. The timing matters
When planning a journey. make sure there are no major events (like conventions, festivals or meetings) that you are not visiting. The accommodation units as well as the city itself might be packed and the car rental, flights and accommodation prices will soar up due to the elevated demand. You might need to leave it just till next week to avoid feeling like sardines in a can.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
MWC Barcelona

3. The activities matter
Find out what activities can be done and YOU would like to do in the destination in question. Some destinations are better for senior travellers or families as they offer quieter setting, a lot of sightseeing and fine dining, while others are "thought through" for youngsters with their parties and pickup food. For example, Ibiza would be a great choice for active young guests, while Menorca is a better option for families. Remember that city always has a richer cultural offer than countryside and normally does not require a car.

Surfing in Indonesia

4. The budget matters
When planning a trip, especially to a secluded resort for a long time, make sure it fits your budget. The flight and accommodation might be doing so and it might look like an ideal place, but some unexpected expenses might come up, for example, when looking for some eating out facilities, as you will not have much options around.

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