10 things you have to have with you to go to....

by - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Discover the 10 things you have to have with you to go to ISTANBUL!
Here it is! Our first post of the month about the things you need to travel. Today we are going to Istanbul, because the summer is not over and because you have to visit this wonderful place in Turkey!

1. Your book: The long way home 
(Number 1 New York Times Best Seller) 

 2. Your CD Music: Karl Densons 
(Funk and Jazz Saxophonist)

3. His sunglasses for Men
 (by Tom Ford) 

4. Her "Capelline" for Women
(by Llion Stetson) 

5. His Shoes
(by Prada)

 6. Her Dress
(by Beste Gurel)

7.  Your Ipad 
(Stay connected with the real world...)

8. Your Sunscreen lotion 
(by Jean d'Estrees)

9. Your new small travel trunk
(by Louis Vuitton)

10.The picture frame of your dog

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